Frequently asked questions

How long is the season?

The main season is from March / April through to November – for a longer season we also have winter assignments in December / January.


What documents do I need to apply?

The recruitment team are happy with your CV including pictures, copies of your passport and certificates as well as references.


Which routes do the ships travel?

The main part of our fleet travel between Amsterdam and the Black Sea. There are also opportunities on the bigger rivers in France.


On which ship would I work?

The G&P fleet consists of ships in the luxury, first and middle class. On each we look after up to 200 German as well as English-speaking guests – depending on your experience and your languages the HR Team will look for the best workplace for you.


Accommodation / food on board?

You share a comfortable and well-eqquiped cabin with one colleague in most situations. All meals are provided free of charge on-board by G&P.


How big is the team?

Your international team consists of 30 to 45 colleagues from the hotel industry – exciting friendships and insights into other cultures are waiting for you.


What career and development possibilities do I have?

Career is an important issue at G&P – with your commitment and with our support you can realise your career plans – with training opportunities on board and targeted promotion by your line managers.


What insurances do I have?

During your assignment on board you will be connected to the Swiss social insurance system and your health insurance coverage is arranged by G&P.


Do I have to pay for my uniform?

Most uniform components are supplied to you on board.


Can I take my holiday during the duration of my contract?

With a seasonal contract you have the possibility to take 14 days’ paid leave – an opportunity for you to see your family and to recharge for the rest of the season!


Is there an internet connection for the crew on board?

Free of charge internet connections for the team members in the crew area are available on almost all of our ships.


Can I spend my free time on dry land?

When off duty you can visit and get to know the countries and their people – it makes the work on board much more exciting.


How is the arrival and departure organised?

The journey to and from the ship is arranged by yourself – G&P will gladly help out with tips and tricks and will share the travel costs when you fulfil your contract.